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Phoenix body massage



Besides being the most populous city in Arizona, Phoenix, also known as the valley of the sun is a beautiful place to get a massage. Although a massage was once considered an alternative. As more and more people understood and embraced the benefits of massage therapy, they have become much more established services offered in a variety of hospitals, clinics, business enterprises, and even airports. In addition to relaxing the body, a good body massage promotes muscle relaxation, reduces blood pressure, strengthens the body's immune system, improves posture, relieves stress, improves circulation, and gives sexual pleasures among other benefits.

 Discussed below are different types of massages offered in Phoenix such as an erotic massage, a happy ending massage, a Nuru massage, a body-to-body massage, a body rub an incall/outcall massage

Erotic massage in Phoenix

This is a massage technique where the massage therapist uses their erotogenic parts on the recipient’s erogenous zones, normally breasts and lady parts for women or just the genitals for men, to achieve sexual stimulation. The technique is aimed to enhance a recipient’s sexual arousal which may sometimes end in orgasms. This type of massage has a long history, especially in largely populated areas like Phoenix where it is offered in various places such as the Phoenix therapeutic massage and bodywork and the massage Envy Acardia.

Happy ending massage

A happy ending massage usually starts as a normal massage with a full body rub down but ends with sexually stimulating activities such as a hand job or a blowjob hence the name ‘happy ending’. happy ending massages may not be offered in all massage parlors in Phoenix but most that offer erotic massages offer happy ending massages too. An example of places one could get a happy ending massage in Phoenix is the space massage studio and massage by Lottie.

Nuru massage in Phoenix

Nuru massages whose origin can be traced to Kawasaki in Japan is a type of erotic massage where massage therapist rubs their body against a customer’s body. During a Nuru massage, the participants are usually nude and their bodies are covered in special massage oil specifically made from seaweeds and chamomile. Involved parties try to get the widest possible physical contact which triggers tactile sensations believed to relieve stress. In some cases, a Nuru massage ends with a sexual act. In Phoenix, Nuru massages are offered by places like massage Kai and massage envy Ahwatukee


Body to body massage in phoenix

A body-to-body massage usually starts as a normal massage with the massage therapist using their fingers to knead a client’s arms, legs, back, and shoulders helping them relax. Once the client is relaxed the massage therapist will use their body on the client's body in a movement similar to lovemaking. Although the participants are naked for this massage, usually there are no sexual acts involved but the clients often get sexual pleasure from it. Places like the Meraki massage therapy and Elements massage in Phoenix offer this type of massage.

Phoenix body rubs

This is a very common type of massage offered in many places around the world. It entails the manipulation of a client’s body soft tissues by a massage therapist through hands, fingers, elbows, knees, or a device. The main goal of a body rub is to relieve stress or pain in the body. 99% of massage parlors in Phoenix among them Zen balance massage, Travelling therapeutic massage, Mind, and body massage therapy offers this massage.

Incall/ outcall massage in Phoenix

An incall massage occurs at a massage therapist's parlor, salon, office, etc where the therapist controls the lighting, music, and temperature to enhance a client’s relaxation. Outcall massages occur at the client’s place of choice like their house or hotel room surrounded by a familiar environment also to enhance maximum relaxation. Places like the Comfort zone massage and massage envy Dobson in phoenix offer incall/ outcall massage services to clients.

Benefits of a massage

A massage can be effectively used to deal with specific issues like stress relief, body tension, sexual pleasure, etc.  

Frequently asked questions

Is Phoenix a good place to have a massage?

Phoenix offers a wide variety of massage techniques for a client to choose from making it the best destination for a massage.

Why are there so many massage parlors in Phoenix?

Being a very populous part of Arizona and a great tourist destination, a lot of people are looking for massage services. The growing demand causes the increase of massage parlors in Phoenix.

What is the difference between a Nuru massage and a body-to-body massage?

For a Nuru massage, the massage therapist uses their body against the client's body to achieve relaxation while in a body to body massage, the therapist uses their fingers to help the client relax before using their body against the client’s body

Do you have to be naked for all massages?

Most massages aimed at achieving sexual pleasure require a client and sometimes the therapist to be naked but other types of massage do not. Therefore, it depends on the type of massage a client is looking for. If a client is not comfortable being naked for a massage, they could have massages that do not require them to be naked such as a body rub.

How often should one get a massage?

The period between massages is different for different people. A massage therapist will help a client depending on specific needs to formulate a good massage schedule.

Do you have to have sex for an erotic massage?

Massage therapists are extremely professional and will draw boundaries that can't be crossed with clients. Sexual pleasure can be reached without having sex.

Can I have a massage at my house?

Various massage parlors around phoenix offer incall massage services.

Can a client demand certain preferences from a massage?

It is perfectly okay for a client to communicate what they want from a massage and how they want it done.

Can I have a massage at any time in Phoenix?

Some massage parlors are open for 24 hours. It is possible to have a massage any time in Phoenix

Do massages have medical treatment qualities?

A massage can have many among them medical treatment. Massages are often used in hospitals and massage parlors to relieve body pains caused by physical injuries.

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